Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What does IndiaMarketHub do?

IndiaMarketHub offers complete set of web services that allows you to create your own website, where you can sell your products or services online and get paid through Credit, Debit, Cash Cards and Bank Transfers.

Question 2. Do I need coding skills or a designer to change my website design?

Not at all! IndiaMarketHub provides thousands of beautiful already designed templates, you just have to select as they are well-categorized. You can edit your selected template anytime by just changing your texts and images according to your requirements.

Question 3. How to Create a Website under IndiaMarketHub?

It is very easy to create a website under IndiaMarketHub through a user friendly Interface, where you just have to follow few steps: choose a design template, insert your content, edit images, publish it to the world and you are done!

Question 4. Is it compatible with Mobile devices?

Yes, all the websites built under IndiaMarketHub looks great on mobiles and tablets, as our all designed templates are responsive.

Question 5. What are the basic steps to create a website?

Here is the step-by-step detail of creating a website at IndiaMarketHub:

  • Step 1. Sign Up with IndiaMarketHub: – After registering successfully, you are able to create your website
  • Step 2. Choose a Template: – Browse our template collection categorized by themes and select one as per your Business Category. After choosing one, you will be able to customize and change any element in the selected template.
  • Step 3. – Select your desired sub domain, process the payments and publish your website.
  • Step 4. – You are done! Now, under "My sites" you will find the site that you published in the IndiaMarketHub.

Question 6. How I can change the design after choosing a template?

Our design templates are 100% customizable: Everything can be replaced and modified – you can insert your pictures, text, links and more. We offer many categorized templates, you can choose the one that best match your business and can change it accordingly.

Question 7. What are the features under Website customization?

There are several basic concepts lying in the heart of our editor:

  • Website, pages and elements – Your website is constructed from pages. Website pages contain content elements (text, pictures, gallery etc.). Using your Dashboard, you can navigate from one pages to another by clicking the menu itself or through Pages.
  • Click and modify – – Each section of the website has its own editing bar. Click on an element and its editor will appear. You can change images, replace text, font, colors and many other things.

Question 8. How to Publish a website?

To publish a Website, you need to choose a sub domain as per your business category, complete the payment process and when you're ready- just click the "Publish" button. Changes will be seen on the live website after publishing it successfully.

Question 9. How IndiaMarketHub would help me if I already have a website?

IndiaMarketHub provides a free URL redirect service to redirect your own domain to our sub-domain. In layman’s language, we can say, if you make a website under us, you can interact with your existing clients as well as the new ones from online leads. This will give a huge growth to your business.

Question 10. How much it cost if I will create a website under IndiaMarketHub?

According to your needs or requirements, we offer several packages and our basic plan starts with INR.499 only. You can see all the plans in our website.

Question 11. How can I pay?

You will need a Credit, Debit or Cash Cards to pay for your selected plan. You can also pay through Bank Transfers.

Question 12. Can I upgrade my basic plan?

Yes! You can easily upgrade your basic plan whenever you want to switch to our other plans including Business, E-commerce and Advanced E-commerce.

Question 13. How would I get paid if someone buys my product or service?

IndiaMarketHub provides a payment gateway, if you choose our E-commerce or Advanced E-commerce plan. So, whenever someone buys your product or service you will receive the payments in your bank account.