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How to Create a Great Business Name?
Posted April 3, 2015 11:14 am Post Comment

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While choosing an appropriate and clever name can inspire your customer base, on the other hand choosing a dull and unoriginal name shows a lack of enthusiasm towards your new business. If your business name is not too impressive, don’t worry; you can change your business name right at the moment. A great business name can hit the market immediately or can take little time to drive the original traffic to your new business venture. Although there is no such magic formula to create a great name for your business, here we have listed top 5 tips you can consider to create a great business name –

Keep it short and simple

Have you ever tried to know the common thing between the most well renowned and successful companies such as Pixar, Apple, Twitter, eBay, and DreamWorks? Yes, they have something is common and that is short and simple names. Past studies have shown that shortness lends itself to memorability, so you are advised to choose the short and punchy names. Short names are easy to remember. Sometimes choosing the names such as Mad Computer World, its A Mad are easy to remember, but they don’t leave a long lasting impress on your target audience.

Check the stickiness

Reputed companies having good names have a natural stickiness to them. While performing brainstorming process, always allow your decision and brainstorm to really mull over the options. If you can’t do every day, at least do it once in a week. It’s not like if you comes up a good name, you should stop brain storming – keep it continue. The great company names are remembered without needing to refer the list. They not only stick to you, but your mind as well.

Target AudienceKeep your target audience in mind

While choosing a business name, you need to take care of the prospective of your customer’s base and what they’ll exactly look for when they come to your business. Keeping this thing in mind; you should name your business. For example – if your audiences are working mothers who don’t have enough of time to clean their home, then you need to consider a name that will either relates to their busy schedules or for cleanliness, or both.

Does it invent a new language?

Creating a word should not be the last option; it should be the first one. The inventors of Google didn’t find their company name in any book or somewhere else because they were never existed before. Customers appreciate those who think out of the box and take risks to stay in the competition.

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