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Designing the Landing Page Which ‘CONVERTS’
Posted December 16, 2016 2:00 pm Post Comment

By having a good marketing strategy in place your pages will be well optimized, will generate good natural search, Facebook ads will work effectively and a lot of traffic will be generated. If you find that despite a large number of people visiting your website, the other numbers are not moving you may need to rethink your marketing strategy. Contact a leading provider of the advanced business solution in India to get a landing page designed which converts effectively!

What is a Landing Page?

It is a page where your potential customers land while they are searching for relevant services and products found in your website’s database. It is a standalone page which is different from your main website. Landing pages are usually created to accelerate the conversion rate and make the visitors take a particular action on the page.

Essential Components of a Perfect Landing Page

  1. Clear Call to Action

CTA is what you want your visitors to do when they access your website. This may include buttons for Shop Now. Try It. Sign Up. Contact Us. The CTA will move people further along your conversion funnel. It is best to accentuate only one call to action on a single landing page. You must test the size, color, placement of the button. The CTA must be visually distinct, centralized and must have visual cues such as arrows to draw the eye to the button. If you have more than one CTA you can de-emphasize them visually when compared to primary CTA.

  1. Offer

Offer refers to anything that is given to visitors in exchange for making them do what you want. Offers can be in the form of discounts or coupons, free trials, whitepaper, the free version of the product or a matching gift. The offers are an effective means to pull the users deeper into the conversion funnel. Whatever is your offer you can pair it with the deadline to create a sense of urgency in order to get a response. The offer must be conveyed in a simple, easy to understand manner and should not distract from the CTA.

  1. Narrow Focus

As per the research, the more choices you present to people the longer they will take to decide. The simpler and clearer is your landing page it is more likely you get the action you want. The content must be limited and the form must be short. More fields in the form result in lower response so you must ask only for name and email Id. The page content must be brief and only relevant content must be present. Visuals can be used to focus on the most important features of the page. The administrative links can be tucked away at the bottom and a nice CTA with benefits must be present.

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  1. VIA – Very Important Attributes

It is important to give visitors on your landing page good reasons why they should do what you want. Those reasons are referred to as very important attributes. As the visitor will be giving a quick glance to your website so you should avoid putting in all the details of the product. You can identify up to five main points about your product and showcase them. You must describe what you are selling from the customer’s point of view and how your product and service can help them. List the features, benefits of using your product. The attributes can be set with icons and pictures to make them more visually appealing.

  1. Effective Headline

Once the users visit your website you are not trying to capture their attention as you have already done the needful to funnel your visitors to the landing page. You just have to convince them to pull their chairs and stay on the page. To keep them on your website you will have to present in plain language what your site is all about. It is important to write a clear and explanatory headline which is clever so that people understand what exactly you do. The headline must stand out visually than the logo or the website’s name.

  1. Resolution-Savvy Layout

The essential parts of your message such as logo, headline, call to action and the supporting visual must be kept in the center top of the screen. The supporting messages can be designed at the bottom of the page. This should be done as people across the world use different monitor resolutions. The designer must be aware of the most important elements on your page and must keep them in the front and center. You can check the layout of your page at different resolutions to ensure that people with old motors can see your headline and CTA without scrolling. Also, check it on the tablets and mobiles.

  1. Tidy Visuals

Avoid visual junk when people reach your website. A simple, clean design with ample of white space keep the people glued to your call to action. Big font enables them to easily read and understand what your website is all about. Bullets can be used to make big blocks easy to scan. Videos can effectively increase conversion rate by 80 per cent as they are capable of packing big impact into a small space. The images and graphics which are relevant to your product and audience efficiently support your message. While designing, keep in mind that your page must load quickly as it results in a better response.

  1. Social Proof

Humans have a tendency to place greater value on things that have been approved by other people. This is the main reason why most of the websites display evidence of social validation which includes – testimonials, a list of customers, press mentions, and usage statistics. One or two quotes from alpha or beta users can show the visitors that someone has derived value from the products and services that you offer. You can gather good evidence for the social proof of your page and keep it updated. The design must be focused and clean. The client or press logos must be uniform in size, in grey scale if possible so that clashing colors are minimized.

All the recommendations above indicate that you have to be clear about what action you desire from the visitor. You have to make it easy and compelling for them to take it. Get your own landing page which converts by a professional company which offers social media marketing services in Chandigarh!



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