Go For a Pre-made Template rather than Coding a Website!!
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Go For a Pre-made Template rather than Coding a Website!!
Posted April 25, 2016 12:00 am Post Comment


To get the attention of the target audience, every business needs an attractive and user-friendly website. Getting the business online helps owners with many benefits, including a bigger audience and new ways of presenting the products and services to potential customers. When planning to get a website develop many owners face a tough challenge: whether to choose a pre-made template or go for a professionally designed website.

For whom Pre-Built Templates are perfect?

Ready-to-use website templates can be a perfect solution for:

• Small to the medium business website: Small to medium businesses usually have limited budgets and hiring a professional designer can cost them quite high. Additionally, smaller businesses may not need too complicated websites that web design studios usually offer.

• Personal websites: Many internet users possess personal websites to update their opinions and reviews but they don’t want to invest big. Thus, they can opt for templates.

• Landing Pages: These pages don’t need web design skills. You can get really good examples of pre-built templates for landing pages at IMH.

Why Choose Pre-Built Templates?

Some quick pointers that will clear your confusions about why you should opt for pre-made templates over professional website designing:

1. Cost-effective: Custom-made websites are expensive in comparison to pre-made templates. If you’re tight on budget, a pre-made template is ideal for you.

2. Customization: Flexible designs are offered by the website builders that can be easily customized for different websites. You can easily change their style in CSS and add or delete whatever you want to alter. You can also manage the content according to your needs.

3. Usability: Many business owners choose custom-made websites because of their fancy design. But today’s trend of simplicity and usability requires website owners to pay more attention to user experience. No matter if you have got an expensive website built but if it offers poor user-experience then it’s a fail. On the contrary, pre-made templates are modest in design and offer better usability features.

4. Responsiveness: With the Google’s last year update, fully responsive and mobile friendly websites have becomes must have for any business. Our pre-made website templates are fully responsive, so you don’t need to worry that your website will look heavy on mobile screens.

5. SEO: Our pre-made templates have built-in solutions for search engine optimization so that once your website is developed it can rank well in search engines.

It’s completely your choice – whether you need a custom or pre-made website template. You can take a wise decision by analyzing your business needs and your target audience’s interests. Consider your budget and requirements and then make a right choice.

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