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Instagram – A Great Platform For Branding
Posted July 7, 2016 12:00 am Post Comment


Marketing on Instagram requires a strategic approach for individual, business or brand. Digging up some guidance can ensure the success of Instagram marketing efforts efficiently. The following points exploit the features of Instagram to encourage followers’ engagement.

Perfect Platform For Brand Promotion:

Initially, Instagram was used merely to post pictures with fans and lacked the marketing value. Gradually, with improvements in each new version loads of features were embedded. Millions of users employ this platform for branding their products and being in touch with the target audiences. Advertising about services, products through visuals and short messages helps in letting the audience remain informed and engaged.

Widen Audience Reach:

Instagram pictures offer a better insight through collage and confer audience engagement into products and services. Millions of users of Instagram include target audiences for various their services. You can obtain the benefits of the amplified users of the Instagram web page and tell people about your services via images and short stories. It also allows you to add a call to action button to your pictures leading to the website, posting employee images with few lines about their working. Be strategic and sure about the look of your Instagram account after all the images are put together.

Build Engagement With Contests

Instagram is a popular platform for photo contests. Contests are easy and confirmed way to boost the fan engagement. Contests holder may ask the user to tag their pictures with the implementation of a particular hashtag. Ask the people to vote for their favorite pictures. This will help to increase follower list as well as engagement. Similar to other social media platforms it is mandatory to run regular post engaging content on Instagram too. Contest creation with insight to follow your brand is other best way to influence people engagement.

Prize Promo Codes:

While posting images and creating content, consider things that will be more engaging and pitch audience’s attention. The sole motive is to have followers coming back on profile for more. Rewarding followers for engagement like looking at your pictures and reading the descriptions or indulging in contents with discounts or promo codes. Hunt for the audience interests and pick the one with great potential to excite and engage people.

Feature Company`S Customers:

Advertise product by ‘Words of mouth’ is the best way to display any brand values at the same time, thus, highlighting prevailing customers’ experience. Companies are competent to achieve such goals via Instagram. Images, reviews, and clips of happy customers will perk up the connection a company has with the audience. Customers are greatest advocates of any brand and best way to narrate company’s story through satisfied customers. Use Instagram to seize an impression of your customers and the experience your brand provides them.

Instagram is a great way to bring a sense of closeness between brands and fans, particularly by showing pictures of customers. Businesses can use the above-mentioned trick extensively but methodically and carefully to gain maximum conversion of fans into a customer.

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