Public Cloud – How it Contributes to Benefit Global Economy
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Public Cloud – How it Contributes to Benefit Global Economy
Posted September 8, 2016 12:00 am Post Comment

Over the past few years, a lot has been read and written about the monetary benefit of moving towards public cloud for ventures across the globe. For any venture in search of financial advantages of migrating to the cloud, the major points to consider are – the knack to shell out only for what is actually required and lessen the cost of operation, availability, suppleness & agility. But, here the question arises that is there any impact to the global economy because of the adoption of cloud computing?

Professional economists believe that, given the valid risks, the global financial system does profit with the adoption of large-scale cloud. Let’s get acquainted with the major contributions made by PUBLIC CLOUD and its technical benefit to the global economy:

  • Helps in Data Sharing & Collaboration between Entities

Because collaboration and cloud technologies are what a business model is typically based on, data sharing becomes a standard and in the atmosphere of competition, a collaboration of the entities can easily emerge. This is actually as contrasting to the stringently competitive atmosphere that exists these days.

  • Facilitates the Development of New Business Models:

Based on the transition to the cloud, various business enterprises are finding out new models for doing a successful business. Various individual ventures are developing new models and exploring new means of associations with partners as well as former competitors. This can significantly result in major shifts in business models of global industries and the individual enterprise as well.

  • Amplifies the Speed of Global Transactions

The fundamental idea of TVM (Time Value of Money) is simply as applicable today in the digital world as it was earlier. The pace at which global monetary transactions are carried out as well as the volume of such transactions is critical in the current universal financial system. The escalation of technologies based on the cloud like automated sending of cloud-based resources and micro services architectures are playing a crucial role in the volume and speed aspects of international transactions.

  • Improves the Synchronization of Efforts between Global Entities

Information is supreme especially in a world where global security entities are rushing to explore where the next threat is coming from. Rather than utilizing years in formulating complex interfaces between nation based systems, positioning some general information in an internationally distributed, high secured, incessantly updated, services based on the cloud would be beneficial hugely.

Technologies based on cloud definitely have the potential to change not only the manner ventures do business but perhaps the entire industries, thus shifting the international financial system.

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