How to retain your existing online customers?
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How to retain your existing online customers?
Posted April 2, 2015 3:31 pm Post Comment

Online Customers

It’s obvious that it is easier and cheaper to convince your existing customers to purchase something from you again that to convince new visitors to do business with you. The difficult thing is how to hold an eye on existing customers? How to retain them? Here, we have listed few points to attract existing customers and to encourage hem visit again and again –

Rewards their loyalty

There is nothing like rewarding their loyalty towards your business. It will help to build a stronger relationship between you and your customers and to retain them back. In loyalty benefits, you can simply offer them either a discount coupon or a membership in which they will continuously receive some points on every purchasing.

Surprise your customers – Since, you have stored all the details of your existing customers in your database; you can take the benefit of this information and send them a small present on their birthday or on special occasions like Diwali. It will excite them and encourage them to show their loyalty towards your business more.

Social Media

Use social media – Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become much popular among the Indians as well. Those Internet users who used to like and share your content regularly are your regular customers and social media tools can be a great way to do this. So, take the advantage of such tools and share your ads, content or related information on a daily basis. This way, your brand will be recognized by more people and will help to increase your brand and sale value.

Send regular newsletters – To retain your existing customers, you need to send them regular newsletter to inform them about the special offer or ongoing sale. Regular sending of newsletter help them to keep informed about your on-going deals and increases the chances of sales.

Stay in touch – To keep in touch with your customer is quite important to put your business needs in front of them and to make them realize that you are keeping an eye on their requirements.

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