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Single Page Website – What are its benefits?
Posted March 28, 2015 11:09 am Post Comment


Why you should look for single page website when your friends or competitors have websites with large number of web pages? Instead of focusing on number of pages, you should concentrate on purpose, requirement and budget. A single page website is in trend these days and can do a lot of work for you. The rest of the article will tell you why you should have single page websites –

Smooth journey – Complicated or straight driveway? Which one you’ll prefer? Think about it and answer keeping the user’s point of view in mind. Obviously, the answer will be the latter one. Single page navigation is easy, simple and cool. It helps to save your time and stay focused while scrolling from left to right, top to bottom. With a one page website, you can view the information in a single click. Difficult to believe? Well, a professional web designer can make you to believe.

Better user experience – Have you ever shared your mesmerizing experience of the last trip you went? If so, then why? Obviously, your trip was outstanding. It was because whether the weather was pleasant or your destination was awesome.

A single page website promises you to offer the same experience you target audience will have. One page website is all about the creativity and metamorphosis that everyone values. Relevant information is just one click away. What you can expect more than this?


Quality matters –If you prefer quality over quantity, then nothing could be better than having a single page website to exhibit your experience.

Let’s say if you have only one child, it’s pretty obvious that he/she will get all the attention. Same is with one page website design which showcased your all the creativity, thoughts and new ideas into a webpage. Hire a web designer that can transform your creative thoughts into work of art.

Smart Google Ranking – Since such kinds of websites have only one page, chances of better Google ranking automatically increased. It means that the Google ranking will be applied to the whole website, but as we all know, there is only page, resulting in high amount of traffic.

High speed, fast loading – Loaded truck or empty truck – which one runs faster? Definitely, an empty truck! Single page websites are just like empty truck. It will for sure leave the multipage website behind if it comes to downloading speed. High speed downloading means audience can go through your website in a short period of time. What you want more?

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