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Top trends in Digital marketing for small businesses
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Have a website but not sure how to drive traffic to your website? Leveraging digital marketing can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Below given are some of the top trends in the ever-changing Digital marketing field that can help you increase the subscribers and customers on your website.

1. Data Analysis

It is vital to perform the data analysis in order to understand from where the traffic is coming to your website and what the visitors do when they land on your webpage. It is important to gather information regarding your users, their locations, the things they are searching for and the content that captures their attention. Knowing your target audience can actually save you a lot of money on any paid promotions that your run. From Google analytics, Facebook insights to Twitter analytics, each platform that you use to interact with your customers provide vital information about your target audience. A data analysis tool can help you gather all this information, which can further help you build a powerful strategy for your business.

2. Social Media Channels

A presence on different social media channels is critical for maintaining your brand presence. You can leverage various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Vine for effective social media marketing. Instagram and Pinterest can also be used effectively to promote your business. Well, social channels are not one size fit for all. You need to figure out which social media channel works best for your type of business. For e.g., if you have an online apparel store, presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can seriously boost your business. On the other hand, if you are a technology company, you can have your target audience more active on Twitter. Social media, if used properly can attract a large target audience in a short period with minimum investment.

3. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is no more an option for marketers, instead, it has become mandatory to have a mobile website. Google has started to penalize the SEO of the websites that aren’t customized for mobile screens. It is essential to optimize the mobile version of your website. The website must be compatible with commonly used operating systems of mobiles such as Android and iOS so that most of the customers can access it. If you have an India Market Hub website, you can be assured you have a mobile-friendly website because all websites designed by us are responsive.

4. IM (Instant messaging)

The popularity of various emoticons in the recent years indicates towards the enormous potential of Instant Messaging (IM) in marketing. You can use IM’s to send personal messages, for sharing content or banners for the promotion of your website and more.

5.Content marketing via Videos

Content marketing refers to the techniques that are utilized to capture the user’s attention without using a paid digital advertising. You can capture the interest of the prospective users or customers by sharing advice, information or content that is entertaining. There has been a growing popularity of blogs, email marketing techniques and social media marketing. Videos can be used as a mode of content marketing using Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope.

6. Email Marketing Automation

One of the most efficient and effective tools of digital marketing is email marketing. It is better to send personalized and creative emails to capture the attention of your subscribers. You can also send automated emails to the customers whenever they subscribe to your newsletter or make any purchase from your website.

Want to make the most of the above given tips? 

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