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Ultimate Guide To Optimize Your Online Store For Search Engine
Posted April 14, 2016 5:22 am Post Comment

Are you worried about the success of your online store? Wondering how to sell the products online if the customers are unable to find you? The solution is SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is a way to bring traffic to your website and improve its ranking. SEO can be a deciding factor for the fortune of your e-commerce business.

There are a lot of tactics involved in SEO but this is the only way you will help Google and other major search engines to understand your business in a better way so that they can also serve  you profit.  A text that any customer types in the search box plays a major role in bringing traffic to the website. Here are a few tips which can help you optimize your online store and improve its ranking on the major search engines.

1) No Duplicate Content:  From SEO point of view the originality of the content is a must for your business to rank higher. Any duplicate content can lead to spamming of your website and eventually a great loss from SEO point. The risk of this happening is higher in online stores as the vocabulary for describing the products is limited. So, it is important to be creative and original in your writing.

2) Add Alt-Text To Images: The images are not readable by the search engines as they can only read the texts, therefore adding alt-text to the image of your products can help in crawling of the images when the customer types something in the search box.  Alt-text turns your images into words that search engines can be easily crawl, read and index.

3) Add A Blog : Adding a blog to your online store can help in a lot of ways in improving its value . A blog gives you an opportunity to add more optimized text in the website making it much easier to reach.

4) Unique Meta Descriptions for each product category: The meta descriptions are the descriptions of the website on the search page. The meta descriptions for each product category should be different and not duplicate. These descriptions play a major role in improving the ranking of the website.

5) Effective Keyword: Yes, choosing a right keyword is an essential part of your online business. Without an optimal keyword, your website is likely to be a complete junk as nobody is going to come and visit it. So, make sure that you do research on the keywords required for your website as these are the words which will jack up your online store’s effectiveness.

6) Leverage the power of customer reviews – Positive feedback from your current customers increases the trustworthiness in the eyes of your targeted audience. The textual description of products in customer reviews is more authentic and increases the reliability of your brand.

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