1. Front-End of Shop

This section gives you overview of the main features of store.

We are providing you the platform where you can build your e-commerce websites. We are giving you the complete e-commerce package where you can upload thousands of products. It gives you following features:

  • Like the product pricing, images with popup, Payment gateways and many more.
  • It provides you a beautiful front-end to show you products with all the required details.
  • You can enable or disable various product catalog elements, such as product price, attributes, shipping options and image.
  • The visitor or buyer can search for products on basis according to category.
  • The header section, most important part of the website, has a cart that displays the number of products added to the cart for purchase.

2. Managing Your Shop Products

Get familiar to main page of our store. Here you can manage product and its various descriptions. It has modules like:
  • What is the title of the Product?
  • You can easily add title of your products.

  • In which category do you want to show your Product?
  • You can assign different categories to the product. Product will appear in their respective categories.

  • Publish section where you have different options regarding the product.
  • This section gives you ability to publish or save the product as a draft.

  • Manage All the product details.
  • Here you can manage all the product details like the SKU, weight, stock management, and various other attributes of the product.

3. Managing Shop Settings

Create a mailbox, configure Microsoft Outlook or your iPhone for your email, and access your mail from the web.

General Settings

General settings can be found under the store settings on Dashboard. This page gives you three basic functionality settings:

General Options

Here the admin is available with selection of the location of the product. You can also select the specific countries where you want to sell your product.

Currency Options

Under the currency option here, the admin can select currency for the product and various other options related to it, like the position where you want to show the currency.

Styles and Scripts

This section gives the ability to manage various color schemes for the store.

Shop Product & Inventory Settings

Product shop settings offers admin following options to configure:

Product Listing

It displays Product Archive / Shop Page, Shop Page Display, Default Category Display,Default Product Sorting.

Product Data

Here you can manage dimensions and ratings of the product.

Product Image Sizes

Here admin can manage various sizes of the catalog, single product and product thumbnail images.

Downloadable Products

Here you can add file download methods.

Inventory tab contains following information: This page gives admin the ability to maintain inventory options like:

  • Whether to enable stock management or not.
  • Notifications for the stock
  • Notification recipient.
  • Stock display format and other retaled settings

Tax Settings for Shop

The tax tab displays several options, which you can configure to suit your needs - the settings that you choose will ultimately be based on the tax jurisdiction under which your store is located.

This page gives admin following options:

  • Enable taxes
  • Prices Entered With Tax
  • Calculate Tax Based On.
  • Default Customer Address
  • Shipping Tax Class
  • Additional Tax Classes
  • Display prices during cart/checkout

It also gives the ability to add Tax rates based on different conditions:

  • Standard Rates
  • Reduced Rate Rates
  • Zero Rate Rates

Checkout & Payment Settings

This admin page gives various regarding the payment options at the checkout page of your store. It mainly gives management of following modules:

Checkout Process

It provides the ability disable or enables the use of coupons and guest checkout.

Checkout Pages

Here the admin can select pages for the cart, checkout, terms and conditions page.

Payment Gateways

Here the admin can select and enable/disable various PayU options.

Order Shipping Settings

This page gives admin the ability to set-up various Shipping Options.
  • Shipping Calculations
  • Enable shipping
  • Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page
  • Hide shipping costs until an address is entered
  • Shipping Display Mode
  • Shipping Destination
  • Restrict shipping to Location(s)
  • Shipping Methods
  • Here you can chose which shipping option is default or enabled and you can drag and drop to reorder these in whatever order you prefer.

4. Setup Front-End Menu

At this admin page, admin can set-up various menu of the store.
  • Admin can add any number of menu for the store
  • Can directly add pages to the selected menu
  • Can add custom menu links, products, categories to be displayed in the menu.
  • To create a drop down item drags a menu item slightly to the right of the menu item above it to create a hierarchy (parent/child) relationship in the menu.

5. Logo Setting

You can add the logo for your store from this section.
  • Here the admin can add image to set as logo or the text to be shown at the place of logo of the store.
  • Admin can select the text color also.

6. Managing Users of Shop

This section provides the list of various users of the store.
  • Admin can see the list of various registered users
  • Under each user, there are various settings about the specific user.
  • Admin can manage his/her own profile as well

7. Finding Help Onsite

Learn how to navigate the Knowledgebase and contact our Support Team.

  • Search the Knowledgebase
  • Contact Support